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CrossFit is for everyone!

We are a community of supportive, committed athletes who are all working toward a goal of improved fitness and health. You’ve probably heard of CrossFit, or maybe you know someone who talks about it all the time. Perhaps you’ve never set foot in any gym, or perhaps you’ve been working out on your own and would like to take your training to the next level. No matter your fitness level, age, experience, or body type, you are welcome here.

passionate, certified coaches

CrossFit isn’t like a big gym, where you’re either on your own or you pay a trainer in addition to your membership. All CrossFit classes, at all CrossFit gyms, are led by fully trained and certified coaches. The classes are small—often just a few athletes—and your coach always ensures that you are performing each movement safely and with proper technique.

Measurable results

Your membership includes an initial consultation with a coach to asses your fitness goals, experience level, and nutrition. Be sure to communicate any health challenges or physical limitations, and these will be noted in your file. Then, 30 days later, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled to evaluate (and celebrate!) your progress.

To schedule an intro class, please contact us (choosing the gym closest to you). We’re excited to meet you!